Doubleclick report missing the mobility picture?

I was reviewing the Doubleclick Touchpoints IV report earlier today, and while I still need to dive a little deeper, there are a couple things I wanted to comment on.

1. The study’s top finding – “consumers acknowledge that online video shows great potential for advertising” – points to the exploding importance of social media. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but maybe it does. Sometimes I slip into assuming that everybody tracks “the next” like I do, but the truth is that the pace of advance these days is so rapid that it’s hard to keep up even if keeping up is your main job.

2. The study suggests one potentially dramatic finding that the authors either ignored or failed to recognize. I’m going to ask you to study a couple charts from the report and see if you notice something:

Here’s what has me curious. In that first graphic, notice that there’s no mention of mobile at all. But in the second graphic, we see that at least eight of the responses – maybe more, depending on how you slice things – reference mobility. Texting, mobile Web, mobile gaming and more.

So we know consumers are spending a lot of time with their mobiles. But the survey apparently didn’t ask about the impact mobile has on purchasing. However, I wonder what percentage of that third response – word of mouth – was transmitted via mobile?

It’s hard for me to know exactly what the ultimate facts are here, but we know mobile use is dominant and booming. This means either that the survey didn’t provide the opportunity for respondents to report mobile influence on their consumer behavior or that mobile is exerting less influence on such behavior than it ought to be because marketers are ignoring it as a channel.

The former may or may not be true, but I assure you that the latter is dead on.

This is a useful report for marketers looking to better their grasp of social media, and if you come across any insights from it please let me know.

Meanwhile, if your organization is ignoring mobile, pray that your competitors are, too.


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