Clinton campaign surges into the early 2000s

Black Dog’ reader (and former student extraordinaire) Jeffrey Folck sends this item along:

I thought you might enjoy this… especially the first line about how Clinton is leading the way in innovative use of the media…


And still, her utilization of mobile is a joke. Mailing a DVD out is fine, but it’s hardly revolutionary. It’s called direct media marketing (like direct mail, only you send CD-ROMs or DVDs) and it’s been around for several years now.

What’s interesting about how this is all presented is something I’ve alluded to before – what do you really have to do to be called innovative? Well, the fact that your opponents are even further behind the curve than you are is enough, I guess. I don’t exactly expect cutting-edge innovation from the campaigns, but is it too much to ask MSNBC reporters to know the difference between a gas/electric hybrid prototype and a surrey with the fringe on top?

I’ll be impressed when a campaign gets its Facebook and mobile working on something like a 2006 level and finds ways of driving user-generated content so that YouTube turns into a daily winner for them.


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