Comcast cuts off customers who cross invisible bandwidth line

I’m not going to dive into the telecom policy implications here, but if you thought Sprint was screwing up by firing customers who call support too often, you’re gonna love Comcast’s latest blast of genius.

Comcast has warned broadband Internet customers across the country to curb their downloading or wind up on the curb.The company has a bandwidth limitation that, if broken, can result in a 12-month suspension of service. The problem, according to customer complaints, is that the telecom giant refuses to reveal how much downloading is too much. (Story.)

Martin Bosworth over at Scholars & Rogues is apoplectic, and with good reason.

From a business perspective, there’s nothing new about deciding not to offer service to customers you deem to be money-losers, and companies in most industries have multi-tiered structures that provide more to some customers than to others – again, nothing radical there.

However, it’s simply insane that you would cut people off without at least informing them of where the line is. Obviously there’s more at work here, and Boz has a pretty good description of what it is.

I doubt Comcast is looking to hire me right now, but here’s a bit of free advice anyway: cut it the heck out now. It’s bad business no matter what you’re selling, but if you’re in telecom, which has few enough players that people can toss the word “monopoly” around without sounding the least bit uninformed, the last thing you want to do is force regulators to pay attention to pay attention to you.


5 responses to “Comcast cuts off customers who cross invisible bandwidth line

  1. Comcast dialed me back this summer while my son was home. He crossed that bandwidth line, and we were left with service that was about as fast as DSL. Hopefully, we have that issue resolved.



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