S&R hits significant milestone: you, too, can be a social media star

On April 16 some colleagues and I launched Scholars & Rogues, a team blog covering politics, media, art and literature, culture, sports – really, we wanted to cut a pretty broad swath through our readers’ lives, and whether you agreed or disagreed (heck, we don’t even agree with each other all the time), we wanted to encourage thinking and intelligent discussion.

If you don’t know Technorati, they’re one of the top Internet ranking engines, and they currently track over 101 million blogs. So they’re a pretty significant measuring stick in the blog world.

Today, just four months and 14 days after that initial launch, S&R cracked the Technorati Top 10,000, putting us in the top 100th of 1% of all blogs in the world.

We’re all quite happy about this, as you can imagine, but there’s a lesson here for my business readers, too. See, the S&R crew accomplished this with zero money and no resources beyond what the people on the team could muster up in their spare time. We had some advantages that business blogs don’t have, of course, but if a handful of people with no cash and limited time can crank up these kinds of results, imagine what an organization with real resources and a talented staff could accomplish.

The ROI proposition here is through the roof. For a fraction of what your company is probably spending on legacy media programs (where the potential for incremental gain is often microscopic) you could be plotting a very steep success curve with Web 2.0 channels and practices.

Or – and pardon the hard sell – you could take a pass and watch as your competitors do it…


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