100 great cheat sheets

The thing we all wish we had more of is time. Unless you’ve got a time machine, though, the best you can do is find ways of doing things more quickly and efficiently.

The folks at Clear View Education have compiled a nice resource that aims to do just that: 100 Awesome Cheat Sheets to Learn and Do Everything in Less Time.

From Web dev to games and hobbies to Web and mobile, from organization and productivity to finance, to conversions to language to home and garden, to education, health and weight loss … and then some, this list seems to have a bit of everything. Some examples:

1. CSS Cheat Sheet: LeslieFranke.com shares this cheat sheet for CSS.
5. HTML Cheatsheet: Get the formulae for tags, body attributes and more.
6. Windows Browser Chart: Make sense of Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera and other browsers for Windows.
15. The Browser Safe Colors: Get codes for different colors here.
18. Wine Vintage Cheat Sheet for iPhone, iPod Touch: Learn about this cheat sheet for wine lovers.
20. Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets: Get cheat sheets for overall players, rankings and more.
22. Soccer Positions: Get a crash course in soccer player positions here.
26. Internet abbreviations: Find out what symbols and popular abbreviations like AFK mean.
28. Cheatsheet: What is Digg?: Learn everything there is to know about Digg and using Digg here.
29. Blogger: Here you’ll learn how to use Blogger better.
33. The Power User’s BlackBerry Guide: 121 CrackBerry Tips, Hacks and Resources: This mega cheat sheet will teach you all the shortcuts and hacks for a BlackBerry.
36. Gmail shortcuts: These keyboard shortcuts make it easier to breeze through Gmail.
43. Cleaning Cheat Sheet: This cheat sheet covers cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom and more.
47. Tax, Credit and Currency Questions: Find basic information about tax day, credit scores and more.
49. Setting Your Financial Goals: This cheat sheet walks you through the process of setting financial goals.
52. Investing 101: Buy your first stock or fund: Learn the lingo for buying stocks and funds, as well as the process for buying.
57. Clothing Conversions: Convert clothing and shoe sizes here.
59. Temperature Conversions: Learn about Celsius and Fahrenheit conversions.
60. Unit Conversion: This site will help you convert length, volume, speed and more.
61. Internationally used French phrases: Use this guide to finally learn what “a huis clos” and “coq au vin” mean.
62. Some Basic Phrases: Spanish Tutorial: Get pronunciations, translations and spellings for Spanish phrases like “lo siento” and “hasta pronto.”
65. The most common Chinese characters in order of frequency: Learn 3,000 Chinese characters here.
67. Culinary Herb Guide: Discover which herbs are best to cook with.
69. Wine and Food Pairings: Find wine and food pairing charts here.
70. How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit: Learn which materials and supplies you’ll need to make a non-toxic cleaning kit.
75. Italian Cooking Terms: Learn how to read an Italian menu or cook Italian meals when you use this cheat sheet.
76. Franklin’s Grammary Cheat Sheet: Discover the differences between allude and elude; affect and effect; and others.
86. Hot Drinks Cheat Sheet: Learn what constitutes a serving size for hot chocolate, lattes, tea and more.
87. Diet Cheat Sheet: Tips Plain ‘n Simple: Tips here include drink water, fill up on fiber, and eat until sated.
92. Facebook: A traveler’s cheat sheet: Learn how to use Facebook to organize and display your travel plans.
93. How to Ace a Job Interview: This step-by-step guide is great for preparing for interviews.
94. Five Free Ways to Improve Your Life: This small guide is actually full of cheats that can improve your life.
97. Remove car dents quickly and cheaply: Fix up your car with this cheat sheet.
100. Become a better person in just 7 days: Follow this guide to become a better version of yourself.

Sadly, there’s no cheat sheet for how to make a time machine…


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