I’m now available – and portfolio page updated

As many of you know I’ve been gainfully employed on the “client side” since August of 2008, and during this period of time I think it’s safe to say that I did some of the best work of my career. (When I was hired, the expectation was that I probably wouldn’t be there for more than six months – get in, do some critical things, get out, etc.) But sometimes things change and you wind up staying longer than you expected.

Anyway, I am no longer with that employer and am looking forward to hopefully broadening my horizons a bit. I learned an ungodly amount about the financial services industry that I never knew before and have benefitted tremendously from the experience, but I was also cognizant of interesting developments in other industries, and also of compelling new practices and techniques that my position really had no need for.

So, onward and upward. Meanwhile, I have updated the Portfolio page to account for some of my recent work. Have a look if you get a chance.


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