New look, new content, and check out the new “Wisdom” page

File under B for “bigger and better”: How do you like the site’s brand new look? I wanted something a little lighter and cleaner and I think I found it. Also, I finally made the time to port over a number of posts that had only lived at another business blog I used to write for.If you track through the archives, a lot of this content can be found throughout 2008 and 2009.

Finally, in the menu above you’ll see a brand new page: Wisdom. This is sort of a greatest hits page – I hope that everything on the site is of some value, but this resource catalogs the very best of Black Dog. If you’re investigating my work for the first time, start here – if I can help you, this page will make the case.

If nothing here works for you, feel free to drop me a line, anyway, because I’m fortunate to have a network of gifted colleagues out there. Maybe one of them is the answer you’re looking for.


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