Sam Smith to address Angel Capital Summit

I have been invited to speak at the Angel Capital Summit, which will be taking place at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business this coming Monday and Tuesday, December 6-7.

The ACS provides entrepreneurs with access to a variety of tools to help them in the process of securing early round funding for their ventures and an intensive coaching process that focuses on “identifying key risk and return factors that investors look for and answering those questions during the pitch.” Heavy emphasis is placed on “helping the right entrepreneurs and the right investors find each other.” Day 1 workshops cover a variety of important topics in four categories: Sales/Marketing, Operations, Legal and Financial.

My presentation will be on understanding how to develop a truly strategic approach to marketing. As I noted in my presentation proposal:

The array of marketing, research, promotion and communication technologies, programs and practices has exploded in recent years, as has our understanding of how audiences and markets can be evaluated and segmented. It’s always good to know as much as possible about those you’re attempting to reach, but not every business out there is fully equipped to understand or manage the complexity of the process, especially when each new day finds somebody else hyping the latest and greatest marketing fad.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs who need clear answers and solutions can easily get lost in the noise, losing focus, wasting time and squandering precious resources on techniques that aren’t suited to their specific challenges. The solution?

A successful entrepreneur’s marketing operation begins by strategically aligning with the business model. What do you need to know about the market? Who do you need to reach? What does your resource budget look like, short term and long term? At what stage of development is your business? How long do you have to get the enterprise profitable? What’s your exit strategy? What core competencies exist in your organization and does it make sense to in-house or outsource?

These are just a few of the questions that a strategic marketing program needs to address, and failure to do so can undercut your success in a number of significant ways.

This workshop will walk you through the foundational process of tailoring a marketing program that serves your specific requirements. Upstream/research functions to strategic development to downstream/promotional strategies and tactics – you’ll come away with a clearer idea of how to turn your vision into a reality in the marketplace.

The Angel Capital Summit is the brainchild of Kevin Johansen, founder of the Business Catapult, and I’m grateful that he has asked me to participate. I hope I can provide some value for attendees – many of them have great ideas that can provide economic boosts for their communities, but they may not have a clear sense for how to hack their way through the noise to a marketing solution that truly serves their particular business context.

I’m a little bummed that I’m presenting at the same time as Jon Wilkins, though. Jon, who runs JW Consulting, is an expert at finding leads and transforming data into information, a function that’s critically important for so many new businesses. (Check his blog here.) Jon has been instrumental in getting me involved in the ACS and I appreciate it. I also appreciate all the nice things he said about me at his blog, and I’ll try to be worthy of his praise.

I expect a lot of people I’d like to be talking to will be down the hall listening to him, instead. Which is fine – I expect Jon’s presentation to incredibly valuable and regret that I won’t get to attend it myself.

My presentation is Monday at 3:00 pm in the Legal Room (although I’m not sure which one that is yet, so you’ll have to ask). I’ll also plan on sticking around for the reception, so if you have questions please hunt me down.


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