Site Update, New Case Study

You know that thing they say about the cobbler’s children having no shoes? Yeah, I know all about that, and recently a prospect, who was in the process of hiring me, gently let me know that it was despite my site, not because of it. So I figured I ought to spend a little time making it look more respectable.

If you look around you’ll notice the fresh coat of paint and the slightly updated logo. And a new tag line: “Think. Imagine. Do.” That about sums it up – I think my value lies in a pronounced left brain/right brain/hands balance. Intellect, creativity and a knack for rolling up my sleeves and bringing the vision to life.

There are also some new resources. First, the revamped case study page features a new direct campaign success story. And on the Portfolio page you’ll find a couple of new collateral examples from a client I served a couple of years ago. Did some great work, but never found the time to add it to the site.

Have a look. Tell your friends. And mostly, enjoy the holiday weekend….


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