Infographic: Commuting can be hazardous to your health. Fatal, even.

One in six Americans commutes an hour and a half a day. It makes us more angry, less happy, increases back pain and triples our risk of heart attack.

I hate commuting. Hate. It. Not only is it simply no fun sitting in a rush hour parking lot, I’m stingy about my time. Even if I’m wasting it sitting on the couch, it’s my time. If I have to commute an hour or two a day, that’s time devoted to work that I’m not being paid for.

Now it turns out that it’s not only annoying, it’s very, very bad for your health. Check this new infographic from

Killer Commute
Mercifully, there is very little commuting in my life these days. I can take the bus and when I do drive (I do take-the-dog-to-work day once a week or so), I’m usually there in 20 minutes.

It goes without saying that the US could use better mass transit, and when places like Denver (my old city) and Seattle (my new one) build light rail people flock to it. Maybe if the information in the infographic here becomes more widely known we’ll see a greater push for strategies to de-stress our workdays.

PS: This is also a fantastic job of communicating. Infographics are getting more and more popular, and done properly they can quickly and clearly convey all kinds of information. They’re no substitute for actually reading the full report, just as Twitter isn’t a substitute for, well, anything. But this one drives it point home, doesn’t it?


5 responses to “Infographic: Commuting can be hazardous to your health. Fatal, even.

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  2. Sorry, but how exactly is this time devoted to work? you could live next door to work. This is more properly described as time devoted to living where you want to live, since you have more degrees of freedom about where to live than where you work. I realize it wasn’t intended as a serious mathematical observation, but I think it’s back to front.

    • If I work at home or next door it isn’t an issue. And sometimes you have freedom about where you live, but not always. For a variety of reasons a lot of folks find themselves in situations where they’re damaging their health, and most probably haven’t even thought about it.

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