It’s a matter of perspective.

There might be any number of reasons, but underneath it all you have a problem. There’s no crime in that, and we all know that calling it a “challenge” doesn’t change the reality of the situation.

Maybe what used to work doesn’t work any more. Or there are new problems you have no experience with. Or competitors are easing ahead for reasons that aren’t readily apparent. Perhaps you’re not sure you know as much about the marketplace as you need to. Or you realize that there are new media and tactics you could probably be getting some mileage from, but the only people who seem to know anything about those tools are way too inexperienced to be trusted with a strategic decision. And in most cases, your ability to transmit signal is being overwhelmed by a sea of noise.

Think. Imagine. Do.

Black Dog is technically one guy – me, Sam Smith. Everywhere I’ve ever been, I’m the one people have learned to come to when they have a problem.

Much of my success in helping clients solve their problems owes to balance: left brain, right brain, hands.

  • Think: analysis, research – understand the audience and how to reach them.
  • Imagine: a strong inventive, creative faculty – what is the best way of crafting available resources into a winning solution?
  • Do: a willingness to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty bringing C-suite vision to life at street level.

Innovation Marketing

This is the heart of the Black Dog advantage.¬†Finding new ways to communicate. Understanding new practices and channels. Generating fresh insights for companies that are perhaps too close to their own businesses to see it objectively. Conceiving novel solutions for problems that nobody has seen before. Integrating emerging technologies into a company’s high-level business strategies. Transforming complex ideas into language that invites a broader audience into the process. Working alone or with teams, I’ve established a reputation for doing things that nobody ever did before and driving stellar results for my clients.

If you have a marketing or communication problem, especially one that defies easy categorization, drop me a line. The sooner you do, the sooner we can start talking about how to leapfrog your competitors. They’re scratching their heads just like you are, and that means you have an opportunity. Act on it now.