Boomerang Asset Management (Collateral): You’re a start-up with a fantastic offering. You need to get an enterprise-scale message in front of prospects but you don’t have an enterprise-scale budget. You’ve come to the right place.

Custom Home Pubs (Advertising): The goal here was to embed the product in a clearly defined lifestyle, placing the customer at the center of a vibrant community experience. The client was extremely happy and business is doing quite well. (Copy: Download PDF)

Wake Forest Babcock Graduate School of Management (Takeaway Collateral): In 2006 WFU’s graduate business school launched a new program, the one-year MA in Management, targeted at graduating seniors who wanted a better business grounding but who weren’t interested in the MBA. Copy for the program’s collateral had to speak directly and persuasively to the concerns of the Millennial audience, emphasizing the challenges they faced and providing a clearly defined solution. (Copy: Download PDF)

Sports Publication (Fantasy Football Ad): A few years back I was called on to help a large sports publication/Web site develop a campaign promoting its fantasy football leagues. As is too often the case in the world of advertising, the client wound up opting for a less compelling idea. This was the one they should have used. (BTW, the design we presented to the client was better than this. Since the designer owns the IP on that work, I developed the alternate visual you see here. Dammit, Jim, I’m a writer, not an artist.) (Download PDF)

NCFI Polyurethanes (Corporate Brochure): NCFI came to us in need of a full suite of advertising, marketing and PR services, and one of the first steps was an overhaul of their corporate identity. The corporate brochure needed to define the company in terms of the many benefits it afforded its customers and its long heritage of community-friendly operations. (Copy: Download PDF)

NCFI Polyurethanes (Case Study): NCFI has a simply fantastic suite of products, but since not everyone in the market is familiar with Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation it’s important to tell some success stories in a way that both persuades and informs. (Copy: Download PDF)

NCFI Polyurethanes (TV): We also developed some television ideas for NCFI. Here are three script concepts we proposed. (Copy: Download)

Telecom Act Special Report (Internal Communications): In 1999, implementation of the Telecom Act of 1996 wasn’t going as Congress had planned, and this was creating tremendous frustration for the former Bell operating companies. Employees of these companies were often confused as to why their employers were taking such a beating – in the marketplace, in regulatory environments and in the press. In this series, I tell the BellCo story in a way that attempts to make the complex more accessible for those who weren’t sure what exactly was going on with their company and the volatile communications sector. (Copy: Download PDF)

RazzberrySync, Inc. (Collateral): As you’d imagine, we also developed a lot of handouts for potential clients. In a world where SMS content is usually treated as a commodity and the actual quality of work is an afterthought, we wanted to make clear why we’re different from other providers. (Copy: Download PDF)

Regional Bank Client (Public Relations): Most press releases that hit a reporter’s desk quickly hit the trash can (or the reporter hits the delete key, depending on the medium of delivery). The reason is that too many PR writers, agencies and clients fail to understand what makes a story interesting and relevant for the publication. Short version: the story can’t be about you, it has to be about their readers. Here we had a client with a really good program, and the key to telling the story was to focus on the customer as much as possible. Note how far in you are before you even encounter the name of the company – trust me, reporters and editors notice these things. (Copy: Download PDF)

ATG (Vertical Marketing Collateral): In 2004 ATG, Inc. undertook a significant overhaul of their Web site and associated marketing materials. Recent developments in several key target markets, along with significant enhancements in their product and service offerings, meant that they new and engaging stories to tell potential customers in the retail, telecom and government sectors. We had a lot of information to pack into a relatively small space, so we had to make sure the details and benefits were presented with a reader-friendly fluidity. (Copy: Download PDF)

SSI Schaefer (Direct Mailer): When you’re sending people direct mail, you have to get their attention immediately. A big part of that has to do with the visuals, and in this campaign I had the good fortune to be working with the design team at Burke Communications. So I was going to have the customer focused for a second or two – now we needed to sell the giveaway and insinuate the value proposition. Quickly. (Copy: Download PDF)

StorageTek (Sales Training/e-Learning)Your sales force knows its portfolio, but it’s selling too low in the organization and is far more likely to push boxes than to understand the potential of the consultative opportunity. How can you help them learn by doing? (Strategy, Creative Direction, Writing)


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