So, what do the people who have worked with Black Dog have to say about my capabilities?

John Cavanaugh
Belgrave Associates

“Sam has the uncanny knack for capturing the essence of the communicated word in a way that’s global in its thinking, no-nonsense in its approach and laser-like in its focus. He is a rare commodity in today’s skill-specific corporate environment. He is a gifted strategic thinker who understands marketing from both a conceptual and practical perspective. Bring him your most daunting challenges and he will provide you with exhaustive analysis, fresh yet sensible solutions and thoughtful execution. You need superfluous drivel? There are plenty of other places you can go for that.”Marti Smith
The Regis Group

“I have worked with Sam at US WEST Communications and Accruit. He has a good eye for compelling design on all marketing vehicles; open-minded creativity and imagination; fluid mapping of features to benefits in context; and an engaging flair for showmanship without showboating. Social media has created a completely new ecosystem with experts like Sam at the forefront. His work in social media is a powerful force multiplier. He can grasp the emergent relationships between the moving parts and optimize the dynamics of the whole. Not all marketers have to become programmers, but those like Sam who know their way around the “mashable web” of widgets and APIs create a competitive advantage for the companies they serve.

Sam is also one of the best marketing/PR writers I have ever known. I have worked with the top agencies in the country, and managed some of the biggest commercial brands. Sam ranks in the top 3% of those undeniably brilliant creative minds. Not only is he a talented writer, Sam has an extremely knowledgeable set of skills in employee-based strategy and organizational issues. It is difficult to find areas where Sam can’t contribute, if no less than to direct the outcome.”

Chia-Li Chien
President, Chien Associates LLC

“I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop Sam Smith presented at the Angel Capital Summit 2010 in Denver and came away extremely impressed with his effective marketing strategy. Sam focused on the alignment of overall business strategy to drive marketing instead of tactical implementations. The overarching brand message is the anchor of all marketing implementations. In addition to the marketing strategy, Sam shared 10 tactical tools any business can put into use. Sam encouraged the attendees not to buy what is good for the vendor. He shared with us an illustration of a successful client who selects the right tool for the right purpose to achieve the ultimate business goal.

I highly recommend Sam’s marketing expertise to my own clients as well as business colleagues.”

Elizabeth Gazda
Independent Consultant, Mobile Marketing & Advertising

“Strategic thinker, wordsmith, thought-leader and new media wizard, Sam brings something to the party that no one else can. That is why, when my partner and I decided to start a business, Sam was the first person I called.”

Joseph Lopez
Web Administrator, Railroad Commission of Texas

“I worked directly under Sam while working at US West Communications in Denver, CO. He’s a true professional who personifies the term “Grace Under Pressure.” When describing Sam, two incidents stand out that truly defined his character. First, he stood out as a leader when the company was fractured by a strike, and remained calm and professional when our company covered the Columbine tragedy. Since then, Sam has established himself as one of the top critical thinkers in the realm of mass communications. He has wonderful insight into the buying and working habits of Gen Y and can give a great critical analysis of your company’s marketing campaigns.

Former Senior Executive
Sprint Mobile
“I know nothing about who [Sam Smith and Anders Gronstedt] are or how they work, but anybody who can penetrate as deeply as they have into what is rarely discussed with candor, and declare themselves so fiercely, constitutes a force to be reckoned with.”

Anders Gronstedt
President, Gronstedt Group

“We’ve been working with Sam for years and hope to be working with him for years to come. He’s a ‘whole-mind’ strategist who blends exceptional creativity with sheer analytical horsepower in a way that’s quite rare. This allows him to conceive and develop remarkably innovative solutions to the challenges facing his clients. A lot of consultants in the market talk about innovation and creativity, but Sam is somebody who has pioneered important trails. More importantly, he’s able to do things that are brand new and get results like he had a library of best practices to guide him.”David Tambling
President, brandMIND

“Sam Smith is a rare breed. Possessing both a keen intellect and creative flair, Sam has more than delivered on numerous projects. His ability to observe and rapidly analyze human behavior is brilliant. His ability to codify content and produce compelling written accounts is even better. Add in that he is a great all around personality and you have one heck of a business partner.”

Deborah Levinson
Principal, Nimble Partners

“Sam is a talented writer with a sharp eye for business strategy: what works, what doesn’t, and what just plain doesn’t make any sense. He understands how communications need to work together across multiple media, as well as what it takes to develop and execute a plan to create and deliver those communications. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone as intelligent as Sam, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again in the future.”

Chris Record
Vice President, Project Office, Third Screen Media, Inc.

“Sam is a very smart guy who has a terrific combination of strategic and creative skills (think: left brain meets right brain.) He is a solid business thinker who is innovative and comfortable with pushing new forward-thinking concepts. He is a great asset to have on any team.”

Steve Hammack,
Director – Corporate Communications, DaVita

“Sam’s breadth of knowledge and his expertise in so many areas make him a rarity in today’s world of ‘specialists.’ But if I were forced to offer his strongest point… it would have to be his writing. Sam’s ability to take a complex subject, or a simple topic, and craft a strong, interesting, easy-to-read – and grammatically perfect – piece is not only amazing but, more importantly, it’s consistent.”

Former Director
Ripple Effects Interactive

“Ripple Effects Interactive has worked with Sam and RazzberrySync to introduce mobile marketing to our clients. Sam not only brings a tremendous knowledge and experience base to the table, but adds an element of strategic insight that’s difficult to find. Whether it’s understanding your audience, organizational dynamics or market challenges, Sam can take it all in and create strategy that’s tailored to the realities of your environment.”

Connie Chesner
Principal, Chief Strategist, Right Brain Discovery

“I hired Sam to conduct qualitative market research interviews while I was at OTM Partners. Sam conducted the interviews and provided the insights to our team, allowing us to analyze and draw conclusions about behavioral drivers of the target markets. Sam’s work was always on time and his rapport with interviewees excellent. I would recommend Sam’s work on qualitative interviews to anyone looking to receive quality data at a reasonable price by someone talented at creating connections rapidly.”

Don Schumacher
National Sales Manager, Bayer MaterialScience

“Sam is one of the most creative thinkers I have ever met, not only on a professional level, but personally as well.”