Black Dog’s service portfolio provides savvy businesses with a number of tools for leapfrogging their competition. The final deliverable might be something as elemental as a case study or as ambitious as an integrated, multi-channel viral campaign, but the success of the initiative traces to smart, focused strategy.

WritingWhere do your audience’s hopes and dreams align with your own?

Online PR & Blogging: Are you fully engaging the power of the Internet in your PR programs? Maybe a guy who helped pioneer the field of online PR (no, that isn’t hype) can help.

Mobile Marketing: It’s the biggest marketing channel in history. Are yo getting the most out of it?

Internal Communication: You have great products and services, but your people aren’t really invested in what they’re doing. How do you transform them into committed brand ambassadors?

Organizational Development: The whole is somehow less than the sum of its parts, and you can’t compete that way. Why is this happening and how can it be fixed?

Generational Dynamics: Boomers are retiring. Xers are assuming control. Millennials are … what? How can you understand what makes each of America’s adult generations tick in ways that assure optimal marketing practices and well-oiled business organization?

Research: Your understanding of the market is a mile wide and an inch deep. Wonder what happens when you dive a mile deep?

Training: How can you transform your training mission from cost to investment?