Generational Dynamics

The front edge of the Baby Boom generation has hit retirement age. Gen Xers are ready to take the reins of the economy, but their style of leadership is something very few companies have even the vaguest clue about. Succession is going to be painful.

Then there’s the Millennial Generation. Over 75 million strong and with the most spending money of any cohort in American history, they’re an absolute goldmine for marketers who can figure them out. Of course, as a lot of employers around the country will tell you, they’re wreaking havoc as employees.

When Black Dog talks about the ways in which generational dynamics are shaping our markets and workplaces, it’s drawing on an expansive body of research ā€“ literally thousands of hours of observational, interview, direct engagement, secondary and focus group data. The drivers for each of America’s adult generations are different ā€“ dramatically different ā€“ and we can help you understand the strategies, programs and campaigns you need to maximize your relationships with each one.