Internal Communication

Managing your brand relationship with the marketplace can be a cakewalk compared to the task of keeping your employees on track. After all, they’re on the inside, so they’re up-close and personal with problems that the rest of the world knows nothing about, they know where the bodies are buried, and when they get mad they’re positioned to do tremendous damage.

On the other hand, an employee base that’s on board with the mission and focused on the task of making your team the best in the industry is a return-on-investment proposition so powerful it’s almost impossible to measure.

The Black Dog network knows a lot about transforming employees into brand ambassadors and the strategic messaging and programs required to do it consistently and effectively. We’ve worked with huge clients and small ones and won major industry recognition for successes in the some of most contentious situations imaginable.

The company has a story, and its employees have a vested interest in being part of it. If there’s dissension in the ranks, Black Dog can get everybody back on mission. If there isn’t a problem, now’s the time to begin turning good into great.