Online PR & Blogging

In 1993 I began building and running very successful online discussion forums. In 1994 I built and launched one of the first 2,000 Web sites in the world (this was before you could even make the background white). In 1997 and 1998 I was conducting complex multi-channel internal messaging campaigns aimed at heading off, or at least minimizing the impact of, a work stoppage that would affect over 50,000 employees and millions of customers. In 1999 I developed and launched online PR and Net-based guerilla campaigns that drove spectacular results. In 2000 I founded and launched an online research center serving the public outreach mission of a Fortune 150 corporation.

In the years since most everything I’ve done has dealt with the world of online communication in some way, developing and advising on blog projects, training people and organizations on how to make online communities live and breathe.

The sad fact is that not many companies are doing blogs and almost all of the ones that have tried are doing it wrong. Completely wrong. The good news is that there are ways to make your online PR and blog efforts work miracles for your business, and Black Dog can teach you the principles required to succeed and thrive. Thanks to our stellar partner network, we can help you build and launch it, too, if that’s what you need.

Call us. If you’re thinking about launching an online PR campaign or blog, we can make sure your strategy and processes are properly structured and aligned. If you have a program that’s not working for you, we can help you get it on its feet.