Organizational Development

Business are cultures, and some of them are quite remarkable. Some are models of productiveness, others case studies in dysfunction, and a few are just plain interesting because they’re so unique. In any case, there are many lenses through which we can examine the life of an organization – is it a political system? An ecology? A social club?

Many business leaders feel like they could be, ought to be, getting more out of their people and they’re hard-pressed to understand why they’re not. Maybe they have smart employees but the organization never seems to learn anything. Maybe they’re hiring from a pool of brilliant applicants but always seem to pick the wrong people.

These aren’t uncommon problems, and they happen for reasons that are both knowable and fixable. Black Dog brings a powerful research and analysis capability to the task of assessing your organization, finding answers in places others never think to look and custom-tailoring the precise solutions needed to set the company on the path to industry leadership.