A lot of research firms out there specialize in quantitative surveys that are a mile wide and an inch deep. There’s value in having the broad statistics, of course, but the companies that consistently outperform their competitors are the ones whose grasp of the market and the customer is also a mile deep. That’s where Black Dog comes in.

We’re experts at the kinds of qualitative techniques that paint a rich, revealing picture of your competitive landscape. One-on-one interviews with executives, managers, front-line employees and customers. Focus groups. Message analysis. And even deeper “encoding” and “decoding” studies that uncover hidden truths and ideologies that drive all kinds of marketplace behavior. We’re very good at cross-analyzing these results against your statistical data, too – sometimes this sort of evaluation illuminates insights that neither qual nor quant techniques alone can reveal. This is also a great way of knowing when your survey research is lying to you. And trust us – that happens a lot more than anybody wants to admit.

You know what it is. Call us when you want to know what it means.