Words are magic. Even the simple ones.

Genuinely effective business communication isn’t about describing products and services. Those things matter, of course, but ultimately customers take action because you’ve spoken to them with a voice that aligns what you have to offer with what they need to improve some facet of their lives. This may be an overly dramatic way of putting it, but in some sense you have shown them their hopes and dreams.

Put the reader in the cockpit.

Your business has hopes and dreams, too. Beyond short-term profitability concerns and long-term shareholder value issues, you have a vision for what your company looks like in a perfect world. But all too often, businesses are trying to reach the stars in a donkey cart. Writing that’s just “good enough” is fine if you’re willing to accept results that are, too.

At Black Dog, we think that winning communication – in sales sheets, case studies, white papers, Web content, mobile alerts, ad copy, press relations and executive speeches – is a strategic process that aligns your hopes and dreams with those of your audience. We don’t tell people what you have or what you do, we put them in the cockpit and let them feel your brand whipping through their hair.

After that, the rest is easy.